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Complaint against Lloyds Pharmacy

I have been going to Lloyd's pharmacy since 2010. Since then I have received a standing prescription each month. Over the years the following has happened: 1. They have given me the wrong medication in the past which I started taking and developed pains in my legs. Received an apology from them but felt it was inexcusable. 2. I was continued to be supplied with a pain drug called Neurontin months after I had cancelled it repeatedly with them. I had told them I didn't need this painkiller any longer. I had cancelled with the pharmacist and staff about 4 or 5 times.This is a dangerous and expensive drug. It is also a total waste of taxpayers money. 3. On one occasion I phoned to check if my script was available. The person said it was available. I then especially got off work to go to the pharmacy, only to find that it wasn't ready. I was then told that a prescription hadn't arrived from the doctor's surgery for me. I have a chronic disease, namely, a slow thryroid. I had to almost beg them to give me emergency tablets - Levothyroxine - as I had run out. 4. I have continuously been given generic makes when I have asked them to only give me the registered name as per my subscription. They simple ignore me and each month I invariable get various generic medications. Mostly a Lloyd's product. This is obviously to make more money. However my prescription specifies a certain product. 5. On a number of occasions I been to fetch my regular prescription and have been told that at least one part of the prescription is out of stock. This after I have been getting the prescription for 6 years! 6. After I have been supporting this pharmacy for 6 years, staff still don't know my name. Invariable I have to greet them or I don't get greeted. I get a feeling of hostility towards me when I go in there. Staff are unfriendly and give me the impression that they don't really care.I'm a friendly person and hardly ever complain. 7. Today was the last straw. I went in to get my normal monthly prescription. I was told that I didnt have one and that I would have to wait until June! I have just had an operation and hospital 'lost' my regular medication. My GP gave me new prescriptions which were over above my normal regular prescriptions.I can only wonder where my regular medication went. While I was waiting for my prescription a customer came in and was given a warm welcome. He was then taken into the dispensary and waited there for his prescription to be made up. I was amazed when he left with his prescription long before they came back to me! When I spoke to a staff member she didn't seem to really care that I would need some more Levothyroxine soon. I want to reiterate that I'm not normally a complainer.

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