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Martyn's complaint against Medigold Health

Martyn Welch


An awful stressful experience

Complaint against Medigold Health

This company purports to be an 'Occupational Health' service. However my experience of them (I have been referred to them twice) is that they are not at all interested in the facts, or the fact that they are dealing with a sensitive person. No, they are only interested in their own agenda, and that is not listening at all, not checking facts and just writing a load of what they think the employer would want to hear. They are the ATOS of the occupational health field, not interested in facts at all, do not want to listen, do not believe there could possibly anything in the employees health that might be causing a problem at work. The sooner some sort of professional investigation takes place that shows them off for what they really are the better. I could not be more dissatisfied with the treatment I had. And this was not just once, but twice so that leads me to believe it is something in the firms policy to behave in this way.

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