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Sally 's complaint against SportsDirect Fitness

Sally Blackburn


Sports direct

Complaint against SportsDirect Fitness

I took up a membership with sports direct in September 2015 for a 12 month contract due to personal reasons I tried to leave early which they would not let me do understandbly, but after the 12 months i was going to continue to attend so was asked to fill out a membership revoke which i then later on decided to cancel and then was told all my payments were upto date and my membership had finished. Fast forward to March 2018 i try to re-apply online and my old bank details were on the contract-contacted sports direct fitness to say they had old details said they will speak to head office and head office confirmed i just needed to go in with my new bank details. So i went to the club today and was then told i owe them 6 months worth of payments dating from october 2016, now i cancelled that membership i remember paying the last payment and according to head office (who will not speak directly to me) they sent me an email in september 2016 to say theres a problem with my payment details. I have since combed through my emails and nothing has been sent since may 2016 and that was while i was a member. Spoke with sports direct again who then try and give me excuses that the email would come from a different email when ive checked every abbreviation under sports direct and nothing has been sent. They then said i have been contacted by harlands. I have spoke to harlands they have no record of this. I have paid for a PT package with sports direct, i am not allowed to go in until i pay the 6 months worth of payments i apparantly owe them. This is extremely frustrating for me as i know for certain i dont owe them anything, i work for the bank i know how direct debits work, if i owed money to a company surely id have some sort of correspendence??!! For someone who suffers with stress and depression and to be treated in this way is appalling- i made my way to the gym after paying the money to take part in a pt package and then be told i owe payments from 2016 and for then to be told your not allowed in the building is disgusting why not discuss this with me when i called!! An absolute joke of a company i am disgusted the way you have treated me.

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