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safdar's complaint against SportsDirect Fitness

safdar hussain


they dont cancel your membership and they penalised me 2years...

Complaint against SportsDirect Fitness

i had left the club ages ago, over 2 years. cancelled my membership so i had thought. they carried out taking out payments on my account. they are requesting proof, but there is not procedure to cancel the membership where you retain any evidence. i tried to reason with the membership team, they wouldnt allow me to speak to the manager kept going around in circles. they gave me the complaints address the same as the membership address soo i am totally and utterly fustrated. they did cancel it my membership after a few phone calls. but wouldnt refund me the money that they were charging over the couple of years. so i went through the bank, got a refund fo £99. put it down as a bad experience, and wouldnt be using sportsdirect or any affliates again. they will not get my custom due to the way i was treat. low and behold they start chasing me for the £99 aswell, and wack on another £10 admin charge. tried to work through the guy, and kept going in circles. i just said take me to court. and i will be wanting the rest of my money aswell.

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