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Kerry's complaint against Amplifon

Kerry Martin


Lack of knowledge and understanding

Complaint against Amplifon

Having suffered with tinnitus for a few years I googled where to go for help ,most reviews said the nhs wouldn’t help , Amplifon came up as having devices and expert knowledge on this subject so I emailed for an appointment , the lady from the Amplifon headquarters rang me with lots of information, very friendly , very understanding and assured me Amplifon in my area could help .. I went to my appointment in Hull and explained my vascular condition which I believed is causing my tinnitus .. I was met with sniggers when I said I knew the devices where expensive , told people under 40 rarely get tinnitus ( I’m 41) he didn’t do a hearing test just played 2 sounds in each ear and said your hearing is perfect , the maskers we have won’t help you so just go and continue to use your earphones to play music , ( which it turns out isn’t more damaging ) the nhs won’t be able to do anything either that’s all you can do ! I came out disheartened and fearing this was it for life ! I spoke to my Gp and he arranged an appointment on the NHS , I got referred to a tinnitus clinic and within 10 minutes had been given an aid with sound sense on that helps tinnitus and it actually works !! Firstly I would have been prepared to pay lots of money for a device , so glad I waited for my appointment .. but the fact this man is giving misinformation and has a terrible attitude is worrying ! It seems these companies only care about money and he thought I didn’t have the money to pay for an aid so wasn’t interested , I came out after. 10 minute appointment feeling like I was just a waste of time .. I also went to another company in my quest for help before I got my nhs appointment and they tried charging me £2k for a device that later turned out to be an out of date device and no longer being made .. my nhs device is far better and more up to date .. whatever you read about the nhs not helping , please go to them first these companies are just about the money !

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