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Anne's complaint against Superdrug

Anne Bellingham


[RESOLVED] - Superdrug took two payments from my daughters account

Complaint against Superdrug

My teenage daughter just bought goods on the site worth £11. But then discovered that Superdrug had charged her twice for the same transaction. When she called them they asked her to provide copies of her bank statements to 'prove' that this happened. I spoke to the customer services representative myself and said this was outrageous and that they should have a record of the payments in their finance department. Eventually the woman relented after I explained my daughter does not get paper bank statements but she still insisted on a Transaction ID. When we rang my daughters bank they told us there is no such thing as a transaction ID and that Superdrug should be making a refund anyway as their own records will show the double payment. So not only have the company robbed my daughter of £11 but they are insisting that she provides evidence to prove it. Any other company who had made a mistake like this would have made an instant refund,a grovelling apology and offered a gift voucher voucher as a compensation for the aggravation caused. My daughters bank advised her to take out a dispute resolution so that's what we are going to do.

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Anne Bellingham | | VERIFIED

Superdrug have emailed my daughter to say they need the transaction ID 'to send to the finance department to authorise a refund for you.' The bank (HSBC) say this is nonsense. If they know that you have paid them before they ship the goods, they must also know that you have paid them twice. Rather than checking their own bank statements they expect my daughter to provide evidence from hers. Superdrug Customer Service is awful. I will never use their online shopping again.

Anne Bellingham | | VERIFIED

This compalint only got resolved after I contacted their MD. they gave me a refund of the overpaid sum, even though originally said they couldn't do so as they had no record of it and asked me for bank statements. Yes, it is now resolved, but I still maintain their customer service is dreadful and they need to review how they maintain their financial records rather than expect the customer to prove payments. I will not buy any other priducts from this company online.

Anne Bellingham | | VERIFIED

I believe my complaint only got dealt with because I contacted your MD. customers should not have to go to these ridiculous lengths to get a satisfactory resolution. I am happy to close the case but I do think you should consider how you treat customers in future. All complaints should be resolved quickly, with no further effort required by the customer. You also need to look at how your Finance department runs and how it keeps records?
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