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Abigail's complaint against Paternity Depot

Abigail Ellis


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Complaint against Paternity Depot

Because of the incorrect results that we received, from a company that claims it’s tests are 99.99% accurate and is tested in local labs and then sent away to Canada, my child has suffered more than 15 of her very first months fatherless. Being a single mum, I struggle financially so was delighted when I saw how affordable this test was. It was only after I purchased the test that I saw the awful reviews. I received the results (after a remarkable amount of time) and saw that they were negative, which was obviously very confusing to me as I knew this to be impossible. My daughters father, then in Canada, was uncontactable after this. When I recently heard his mother came back to England I asked her to carry out a grandparent dna test with a well researched and more expensive company, only to find out that he is in fact my daughters father. We are now left trying to pick up the pieces. Throughout this process I had different queries and complaints which were completely ignored or rudely dealt with. I know they are inexpensive but please, please wait another month, save up a little extra money and find a effective service because this company unapologetically have the potential to ruin lives. If I only stop at least one family from this unnecessary trauma then I will be glad. As I read in another review: AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE.

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