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Eric's complaint against exercise4Less

Eric Vi



Complaint against exercise4Less

The personal experience I had with this gym is, by far, the most unfair story I had in my 27 years of life. I have been going to different gyms since I was 15 years old and this is unbelievable. Out of the different membership options I had, I have decided to pay a bit more for the one which allows you to cancel your membership at any time. One of the first days of my second month in this gym I was going to do my work out and the finger scan did not work. Very surprised I did ask to a member of stuff who check my account and said that it was cancelled. At that point, I did check my bank account and I could see my payment went through. Incredulous, I told them that the payment was done however they said that my account was cancelled and there was nothing they could do on their end. After calling bank and gym, gym and bank there was no solution for it. I could not go to the gym and I could not get my refund. Sadly, I had to give up and start my work outs at home. Unfortunately, I do not tend to use my email so seems like to company who manage the exercise4less payments was contacting me to tell me that I owe money. How frustrating is paying for a gym membership you cannot use, and after a member of their stuff tells you that the membership was cancel, it seems like it was not. So, I have kept adding debt to my account (account that someone from the gym told me was cancel) and after a phone call they said there is no other solution than paying the £90 debt plus £20 of the one month notice you need to give to stop your membership. Not only that, the person (from the payments company Harlands) who took the phone call was constantly interrupting, did not want to escalate the case or transfer the call to any manager on the floor and hung up on me when I was about to speak cause he was finishing his shift. To sum it up: 1. I paid £20 (higher membership fee) for my second month membership and I could not access to the gym. 2. After a member of the gym told me my account was canceled (even offering me to join again by paying £20 joining fee) I find out that I did had 2 outstanding payments plus late payment fees as my account was not closed correctly. 3. Although I was not informed by the gym member, the person representing Harlands (payment company) did not show nice manners (avoiding me to talk with managers, interrupting and raising his voice and hanging up the call) and gave just the option of paying the outstanding fee. 4. The Harlands representative keep telling me about the Terms & Conditions when they partner representatives (Exercise4less member of stuff) is giving me incomplete information cause do not know the terms & conditions. 5. In addition to the 3 membership months I did not use, the extra fees for payments arrears, they also want me to pay an extra month to give them a month notice. I have paid around £120 to EXERCISE4LESS and I could only use the gym 1 month. A gym where most of the times the showers could not be used and where the gym member do not know the terms and regulations of their payment company. THANK YOU EXERCISE4LESS . WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAD!

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