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Mandy's complaint against NHS

Mandy Bennett


Poor ambulance service on the 6th May

Complaint against NHS

I had to go my mum's house because she had a fall where I found her in a lot of pain because her hip had come out. She actually phoned 999 to raise the alarm herself because she always has the mobile on her just in case something like this might happen her phone call was timed at 11.45. I phoned 999 five times, in the end, explaining that my mum's fell on to the puffee and she's was slipping off, but I was told not to move her. The lady on the other of the phone apologised about the delay as there were a large of call's to 999 and said "this situation is not life threating and the ambulance will there as soon as possible". The ambulance arrived at mum's house at 2.15 in the mean time she was squealing out with the pain and saying help me and I could not do anything to help her in case I might have made things worse. The ambulance the arrived was from Stoke on Trent 28 miles away 2 hours later. The ambulance crew were very good applying my mum with morphine to enable them to move her onto the ambulance and try to give her relief from the pain. I am very disappointed with the ambulance service on that day and very upset to see my mum in so pain and not being to help her, my mum's is aged 82 who has a pace maker and had numerous operation's on her knee, and this was reported ambulance operator accordingly.

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