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Murad's complaint against Pru Health / Vitality

Murad Mithani


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Complaint against Pru Health / Vitality

I had a serious medical problem - all thought that it was Heart Failure, i.e. the Heart had failed. I had a series of Echocardiograms, MRI scans, and blood tests in my 5 week admission. They concluded based upon extraordinarily weak evidence that my Aortic valve was leaking, and recommended me for Aortic valve replacement surgery with a high risk of death. I was then advised by my GP to take a second opinion. I had vitality health insurance, yet I learned that all they were really interested in was billing me for cash. My first appointment with the Consultant was covered on the Insurance, however subsequent follow up was not according to them. They are happy to send me reminders to pay up, but when it comes to reminding a vulnerable that I need to call them to ensure that I am covered they do not. The Hospital charged me £350. The Consultant seemed like a decent guy, but he has not written to the GP with details of medication changes, and it has been well over a month. Vitality are unable to refund me the £350, and are saying that they won't cover the next 6 monthly review with the Consultant. All this for the huge amounts that they ask for in premiums.

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