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Ian's complaint against Optical Express

Ian fender


Had laser eye surgery, eye sight has deteriorated significantly now saying won't do corre

Complaint against Optical Express

Performed laser surgery and said from start that I would need correction at some point? Have kept making me come back for tests 7 in total and then saw someone from the clinical team who has said they will give me 10% off!? Phoned to speak to clinical team who never return calls but when I initially spoke to them they said my time had elapsed and I was not entitled despite telling me differently through testing? Now left with worse eyesight than before I had surgery

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Ann Banks | | VERIFIED

This is appalling customer service and it is made worse by the face that we are talking about a person's precious eyesight, not double glazing! But sadly we here accounts of so many people who have experiences such an uncaring approach. Ian - did your time limit expire while you were being shoved from pillar to post ? I too was sent for appointments here there and everywhere - none of the appointments actually achieved anything - they were a total waste of time and I truly believe th

Ann Banks | | VERIFIED

...that the intention on the part of Optical Express was to ride out the legal limitation period and so avoid legal action. The have now turned round and are saying that my lifetime aftercare guarantee was non existent..the have even (apparently) changed the date on the more recent T&Cs do and told me that this is my version ....amateur and .laughable if the issue weren't so serious !

Mike Tomlinson | | VERIFIED

Google OERML. Sasha Rodoy and the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell have been woking together for 4 years fighting for government regulation of this greedy industry .

Ian fender | | VERIFIED

Sounds as though they have a clear organised plan to deal with the false promise of correction or support? I will make sure that I put off as many unsuspecting victims as I possibly can, through social media attending store.... anything until they deliver on the promise and if that does not work I will take them to court!!! I will never give up
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