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Angie's complaint against Optical Express

Angie Davis


Laser surgery didn't work

Complaint against Optical Express

I had laser surgery in optical Express in Cambridge last year 16th September 2015 and have not been satisfied with the results. I've been back a number of times trying to rectify this and started within the first year, almost immediately. 17th Sept checkup 14th October check up, December I had an independent eye test . 23rd January checkup where I stated I was not happy and told them I'd had an independent eye test because I was being told by optical express that I had 20/20 vision and I didn't think I had. Rightly so neither did the independent eye examiner. I went back on 20th February still not satisfied, they told me still to go away see how things progress and come back. I remember asking The Optitions if that would be ok, he said and I quote "we have not discharged you yet it will be fine don't worry" Not in any of my appointments was I told that after a year of having my treatment I would have to pay anything more. When I went on 8th October this year I wasn't told anything then either I came had my appointment and was told I could have corrective surgery but no extra cost was disgust at all! Then on 4th November I came for my appointment which I was then told I had to pay for, and then told that because it's over a year I had to pay for further treatment as well! I feel very sad and shocked by this, and mislead because at not time at all, at any of my appointments was I told of this. I don't really want the surgery again, I hated it but I want what my husband and I have paid for! £4,000 to me is an awful lot of money to lose on treatment I was told would give me 20/20 vision! They also state " 20/20 vision or your money back" I never asked for my money back all I want is to be able to see without having to wear my contact lenses or glasses. They even had the cheek to tell me I could purchase some glasses with them!!!

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