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Katherine's complaint against Optical Express

Katherine Willmer


Life time aftercare removed I feel robbed and cheated

Complaint against Optical Express

Opitical Express are now breaking their lifetime aftercare guaranteed. There's loads of folk in the same situation as me. I had my sugrey in 2007. I paid nearly 3k for surgery bit they sold there product to me as life time aftercare with free eye checks for life. No time limit on this service and as many free eye drops as we need. I had experience 5 issues where my I need enhancement procedures all which where paid for by them. 2 years ago I'm having issues with my left eye again. They told me they couldn't do anything as my eye needed to stabilise and to return in 2 years. I'm having serever head aches and my sight is getting worse so I decided to call 3 months early. Every time I've been the optician states eye checks are free for life so they keep your business. I called to make an appointment and now I have been told charges are now being applied. The branch should have always charged. Not according to my original contract. How can they suddenly now change their aftercare policy. When you speak to customer service it sounds like they are reading from a script and don't return emails or calls. How can they be allowed to get away with this it seems like the company must be in financial  situation that they are trying to get back as much money as possible. How can they treat there old patients like this and break their aftercare treatment and still promote aftercare as long as you need us.

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Neil Cleveland | | VERIFIED

Do you have a copy of your original contract? It seems that the lifetime guarantee was given verbally and nobody has a hard copy. It would help enormously if we found someone with a hard copy. Regards Neil

Katherine Willmer | | VERIFIED

No i wish i kept everything i had im asking everyone if u get one keep me in mind and i will do the same

Neil Cleveland | | VERIFIED

If you ask for a copy they will charge you and send the latest one which does not have any mention of the lifetime guarantee. Listen to Radio 4 at 12.15 on Wednesday they are covering the story, I spoke to them yesterday.
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