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one of the worst experiences of my life

Complaint against Optical Express

i was trying to have lasek surgery and from the very start the surgeon seemed not keen on performing the surgery on me he said my eyes had a very small surface area to perform the surgery sounded more like it was 4pm Saturday and he wanted to go home. when we actually tried the surgery the thing they stuck on my face made my nose itch and the lens opener felt like someone was trying to scoop my eyeballs out with a rusty spoon so they called it off and told me I would get a refund in the next 28 days its been 20 odd days and I'm still waiting. The Scottish bloke on their customer service was aggressive and wound me up more overall a complete waste of time money and effort and It wasn't exactly cheap either

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lfcannie | | VERIFIED

They played Russian Roulette with your eyes FOR MONEY . Luckily for you they were unable to complete the procedure. The question has to be asked - how did you get as far as the operating room on surgery day when oh clearly weren't suitable. The answer - optoms and counsellors (aka pressure salesmen/women) are financially rewarded for the number of people they pass as suitable for surgery! And to add insult to injury they hang on to your money..this is just scandalous - they do it all the time...

lfcannie | | VERIFIED

I can only presume that they do this to help with cash flow - possibly because they have difficulty obtaining finance.? I was not as lucky as you - they played Russian Roulette with my eyes when I was an unsuitable candidate for surgery ... I lost !
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