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Clare's complaint against Optical Express

Clare Hill


unsatisfactory client after care

Complaint against Optical Express

I had 2 lots of laser eye surgery about 4 years ago. Lasik and lasek if I remember rightly. All has been well apart from my right eye which has always been a tad shorter in sight compared with the left eye since the surgeries. I feel the side effects of intense and sometimes unbearable dry eye and the right eye being less sharp than the left has always been glossed over by the staff leaving me feeling like I am being over-sensitive. This year I noticed the sight in the right eye was so different to the other I thought I needed a contact lens. I had to pay for the test and the lenses. I was told when I took out the payment plan for the surgery that J would never have to pay for a test again, and free after care FOR LIFE. No caveats were mentioned. I'm frustrated as I missed the time limit for another free enhancement surgery as I was always told the blurriness in the right eye was due to dryness not short sight. I'm not satisfied, and I feel that I shouldn't have to pay for tests and lenses as the surgery wasn't entirely successful.

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Ann Banks | | VERIFIED

Sadly your experience is shared by far too many others. Have you investigated the possibility of legal action? At the very least would you think about making an appointment to see your local MP - he/she should be able to contact Optical Express on your behalf. tHere are already a number MPs currently involved in trying to have this 'industry' regulated ( including John McDonnell - Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer)

Mike Tomlinson | | VERIFIED

Contact Sasha Rodoy for help. She has been working with John McDonnell for 4 years campaigning for regulation of the refractive surgery industry. Her website is OERML
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