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Lois Anne's complaint against Stemologica and Beautemer

Lois Anne Hunt


[RESOLVED] - rip off

Complaint against Stemologica and Beautemer

I did not agree to the T&C and have not received a second box of the products with £168 taken from my bank account.

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Stemologica and Beautemer resolved this complaint

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Sue Walters | | VERIFIED

I have been successful in obtaining a refund from this company recently and i might be able to help. Visit the Facebook page and join the group. We are planning to negotiate a refund with Stemologica and the more people that join the stronger the voice. I will represent all that join free of charge but will need some details if you are interested. Find me on Facebook - my profile pic is my consumer champion logo of 3 men on a podium.

Lois Anne Hunt | | VERIFIED

I was successful in obtaining a refund from them for my " second " delivery. You need to persevere and demand your rights but afraid it does take time and alot of effort. I was determined to get my money back and did.

Lois Anne Hunt | | VERIFIED

I got a refund by demanding my rights and with perseverance,it took time and alot of effort but I was determined.
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