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Amanda's complaint against Stemologica and Beautemer

Amanda McGrath


Special offer leads to high product charges

Complaint against Stemologica and Beautemer

A misleading special off for £3.95 has hidden away in the T&Cs that "If you choose to keep the product you will be charged the full cost of £97.95". Not only that the same T&Cs also say "Furthermore, You will be enrolled in Our AutoRefill program at default replenishment and charge rates" which are £69.95 per order!! A rip off. Even worse, a single order was split between two companies, each one of which requires you to separately login to the account they set up for you, to unsubscribe from these excessive renewals.

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Sue Walters | | VERIFIED

I have been successful in obtaining a refund from this company recently and i might be able to help. Visit the Facebook page and join the group. We are planning to negotiate a refund with Stemologica and the more people that join the stronger the voice. I will represent all that join free of charge but will need some details if you are interested. Find me on Facebook - my profile pic is my consumer champion logo of 3 men on a podium.

Amanda McGrath | | VERIFIED

Hi Sue, thanks for the offer of support. I have joined the group and will be only too happy to supply all the details of the case so far when it's appropriate and in whatever form you need it. Most of the communication has either been by email or telephone calls. It has been going on since May..
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