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Samuel's complaint against Stemologica and Beautemer

Samuel Wright


Stemokit, and Aka Marketing Ltd rip off scam merchants.

Complaint against Stemologica and Beautemer

23 Jul 15 I had an Email from M&S offering me a g free gift for being a good customer all I had to do was pay for shipping. There was a range of free gifts (Stemokit anti ageing creams,mobile phones other items that I can't remember, anyway as it was from M&S I went ahead and opted for the free anti ageing creams etc. believing all I had to pay was for shipping (£3.95 to Stemokit Istanbul and £3.99 to Aka Marketing Ltd Hertfordshire). The package arrived a few days later (not very well packaged I might add). There was no mention of returning the goods within 14 days unopened if I was not happy (there was no return address, paperwork or instructions on the use of the products). My M&S credit card bill arrived a month later, I was horrified to find that I had been charged £97.95 by Stemokit and £99.98 by Aka Marketing Ltd., there was no mention of me having authorised further payments to be taken from my account. I have contacted M&S and cancelled my credit card, they are now looking into the fraud (which is what it is)

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