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Kate's complaint against Charlton House Spa Hotel

Kate Taylor


4 our of 5 caught sickness bug (one being pregnant) from staying at Charlton House. Victims blamed.

Complaint against Charlton House Spa Hotel

A group of 5 friends went to Charlton House, Bannatyne Spa for the weekend. 4 out of the 5 of us came down with a severe sickness bug the monday after. We came to the conclusion it was either food contamination or a water born bacteria in the spa water. Charlton House accused us of carrying the virus and spreading it amongst ourselves. They take no responsibility as they state it cannot be proved and they have 5 stars for their kitchen from environmental health and no other complaints that weekend. NB. No one else was sick outside of our group before or after amongst our families. Blaming the guests is a new one!

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