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Ana's complaint against Specsavers

Ana Andriescu


Really bad chice to use Specsavers

Complaint against Specsavers

Thru work they give us a voucher that we can use with Specsavers. I booked an appointment on the 3rd of September in Romsey. On top of the voucher that I had they charged me £70, I asked why and the lady has very vague about it. Even now I don't know why I paid it when in the voucher that I had, everything was included and I didn't ask for any extras. They said they will give me a call when my lenses will arrive(only lenses because I had my personal frames) after one week no call what so ever. I called them and ask if my lenses arrived and they said they received it couple days ago, but nobody bothered to call me. Anyway I asked them when should I go to fit the lenses to my frames and they said I just drop my frames and should go back in one week time to collect the glasses. They didn't told me that they have no lab in there otherwise I would've gone to a bigger store as I don't have a spare one and I need my glasses for work. They send them in Southampton in the end and I said I will go there with my frames to fit them because it will take only couple hours. Went yesterday and pick it up and they got my prescription wrong I can barely see with the left eye because of the lens. I called them back and asked for my old lenses and they said they throw them away. it took one month to finally have my glasses and in the end were wrong. I can't even be bother to go back to changed them. I booked already an appointment with a different opticians. I will definitely not use Specsavers again and I will let my friends and family know not to use it.

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Raquel R. | | VERIFIED

I am checking this site https://www.resolver.co.uk/companies/specsavers-complaints as I also have a problem with SPECSAVERS Woking. Will go again and wont stop until I get my expensive progressive glasses changed as they did a WRONG EYE TEST!!
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