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Barbara's complaint against Max Factor

Barbara Kelly


Creme puff blush

Complaint against Max Factor

After buying the blusher I have found to my amazement it ran out very quickly and I only use it once a day. When I looked I noticed just how little you get but looking at the container its self you would think there was more than a very thin layer front the top of the container inside to the base which actually even looks like blusher as it's the same colour. When I say thin layer of blusher I mean thin layer and for the price £8.99 is really bad. I use max factor products and the only other thing I have bought and never bought again was the concealer as that ran out fairly quickly as well to the other concealer I use. To be honest it looks like your actually paying for the package the blusher is in than the actually blusher it's self as I've never know a blusher to so have so little in

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