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Linda's complaint against Max Factor

Linda Ashenden


KOHL Pencils

Complaint against Max Factor

I purchased a Max Factor Black Khol pencil from a local tesco store, on using it for the first time the crayon broke off, I proceeded to sharpen with a good sharpener, however, it continually broke until there was nothing left or the pencil,and it was rendered useless, money down the drain. I presumed this was maybe because it had been dropped in the store, however, I proceeded to purchase another from a different store but alas, the exact same thing occurred, I purchased a different brand of khol pencil from the same store and this is perfect with no trouble whatsoever, I am extremely dissappointed with Max Factor as I have always used their products from a teenage 16 year old in 1952 to the present time and now aged 71 years. I shall have to change my cosmetics manufacturer. A response would be most welcome from the company. Yours Linda Ashenden

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