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Giuseppe's complaint against easyGym

Giuseppe Provino


Lost an item And not being helped at all even if they could

Complaint against easyGym

Today 09-11-2016 I've logged in around 15:30 and logged out around 17:00. While I was training and doing my workout without bothering anyone at all, I've been asked to remove my bag for security and safety reason despite I've told the supervisor, called Rome maybe, that I unfortunately forgot the lock back at home and having stuff of a certain amount such as marriage ring, Rolex watch, etc, however I've asked to leave the bag along with me just for one session and begged him that next time that wouldn't have happened again. He answered that he's the supervisor and he cannot allow me to leave the bag right next to my bench for the next 30 minutes. Although I understand he's doing his job and he's doing it dry well, but I think being a supervisor doesn't have to mean being rude. I own two businesses and I've never been like this to anyone ever. As long as things happen once, it's understandable. Anyway I just listened to him and interrupted my session and went to put the bag inside the lock like he asked me to do. After 25 minutes I was obviously about to leave the gym. I've got changed and when I left I suddenly forgot my hoody hat inside the lock. Well it seems like I did it on purpose, but I literally did not, considering that I noticed that I lost my hat when I have already left the building. However I've come back to the gym, logged in again and I'm now asking for the manager and the same guy came to me. I explained him what happened and he told me that he was gonna look at the cctv. He made me wait 15 minutes on the corridor and after he came back with his colleague saying that unfortunately he was not able to help me as he couldn't see anything. Well I think cctv are made to see if anything's gone wrong or either right. I've left the gym 5 minutes ago and my locker was already busy by another customer, which means that the customer literally got in. The supervisor had to look backward just about 10 minutes, not any longer. Well, I think this is pretty disappointing as my hat was £150 worth and that means that if anyone shows up with my hat they will Not be able to let me know anything as he told me: if they'll give it back to us we will let you know. Now I think this is not professional at all, and you should hire people more able to be happy to help customers. And not just messing around the gym, yelling with your mates and be rude. If no one will call me within tomorrow and no one will give me my hat back, then I'll quit going to this gym, which I now think is just for random people, and so will do my other 7 friends. Thanks.

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