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Miss's complaint against Equinox

Miss O'connor


Equinox antiwrinkle cream

Complaint against Equinox

I saw a free trial on Facebook for equinox anti wrinkle cream all you had to pay for was the post and packing ...I ordered one they sent me two creams saying one doesn't work without the other Unbelievable.....therefore I was charged to lots of postage and packing i've contacted the company and explain to them ... that the cream did not do what it said it ....did.... The next thing I know they were trying to take hundreds of pounds out of my account I also wrote them a letter explaining that I had been mis-sold these products I did not want them ...my intention was to get one for a free trial I was livid that they had the cheek to send me another one and charge me on top of it ... I had made it clear to them the products where no good for my skin and I most certainly had no intention of buying any more products from them ....and they told me that was the end of it send the products back which I did .... I am now in receipt of a letter inviting you over £100 or bailiffs shall come to my home I do use people crazy I can't believe that they are doing this to me.

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