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Diane's complaint against Voyage Care

Diane Webb


I am hurt and disapointed my the way I have been treated regarding my diploma when I left in August

Complaint against Voyage Care

Just before I left I completed a form to remain on bank. When I received my final payslip I also received my P45 and was informed that I had been withdrawn from the diploma even though I had finished it apart from being signed off and doing my maths test. Also I was informed that I was not allowed on the premises. I am very disappointed and hurt as I worked At Markham House Bolsover for 7 and a half years and was hardworking and always thought that Voyage upheld high standards and would not put barriers in the way of anyone who wanted to move on and progress in a new job I left because I felt I was being held back and not given the opportunity to move up within the company even though I had been working as acting senior for a few years. Other less experienced staff were being chosen above myself but no valid reasons were given to me. I would appreciate a reply regarding my diploma as I worked hard to complete it

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Lisa Barrett | | VERIFIED

I wouldn't worry about it. Youre not the only one. It's only a minimum wage job. Get more on benefits. Management, trainers and some care staff wouldn't last 2 minutes in the Real World or the streets and they are the 1st to complain if someone treats their wife, mother, child or grandchild niece whatever in the same way. They reject good people to boost their own ego and it makes them better.

Lisa Barrett | | VERIFIED

Also this girl from privately educated school giving it all the large one. I dont think so love, not in society. 1st girl to moan if anyone spoke to her like dirt.
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