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Nicola's complaint against Gentaderma

Nicola Craig



Complaint against Gentaderma

I initially ordered some trial products via an online advertisement on Amazon. It offered trial beauty products at a greatly discounted price. Now pay careful attention to the word's there. The products were advertised as a trial. A trial product in no way means that you have agreed to repeat orders or refills from the company concerned. So I received my trial goods. Gentaderma took money from my bank for these trial products under a different operating name. Pay attention to this as well. This seems to be how the scam works. They use a different company name initially to get you to sign up for the discounted products. I received the products and tried some of them. They are not suitable for me as I have oily combination skin. The products gave me spots. I thought no more of it. Why would I? After all I had only ordered trial products at a discounted price and that's the scam right there. They say the products are trial or special offer cosmetics which means that you do not expect or necessarily even want further goods from them in the future. So I signed into my bank account last week to see where my money had gone. The company now operating under the name Gentaderma had taken almost £70 out of my account. I immediately contacted my bank to see who the company was and was given the website address for Gentaderma. My bank refunded my money. I have had nothing but a load of rubbish from Gentaderma after contacting them. They will not provide an answer to all of the above points I have raised with them. They keep saying we say we will send out repeat orders to customers in the future. I said bolloxs. You say no such thing. Your products are offered as special offer or special discount prices offers which implies that the customer will not receive further goods from yourselves as the customer is ordering a trial product from you. Nowhere does it say that a customer is agreeing to further products from the company unless the customer explicitly says that they do not want to receive further products from the company After I pointed out all of the above to Gentaderma they have failed to reply to my complaints or to offer an explanation. They will also not tell me how they have obtained my Yahoo email address which is what they were using to write to me. They were given my AOL email address. Not my Yahoo email address. Now that I have returned the unwanted 'refill' or 'repeat order' goods (which gentaderma usually calls refill products) via Royal Mail special delivery, recorded, signed for mail Gentaderma are ignoring all of my emails. They won't tell if they have received the returned products (which they have). The returned cosmetics are tracked. I have made my bank aware of the numerous customer complaints about this company so they can ban the company outright from accessing their bank accounts or customers (I hope anyway). At least I have blocked the company from accessing my bank account again in the future and take further money from me without permission

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