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Claire's complaint against EHIC Direct

Claire Tabor


[RESOLVED] - Ehic cards applied for online

Complaint against EHIC Direct

I viewed Ehic online and I assumed it was a legite website so I ordered 4x cards for my family on 12/03/16. It asked for a payment of £14.99 at the end which I paid on a card and assumed it was an admin payment as I last applied in 2010 and couldn''t remember if it was free or not then as my husband filled the forms in last time. It didn't tell me until e very end they were a third party acting on behalf and I thought they were the correct EHIC website and not a third party. I emailed the company who said they were [email protected] asking for my money back but have had no reply. I'm concerned all my details including names, addresses, dob for all my family have been provided and if this is a scam I'm worried. I provid a credit card and at present only the £14.99 has been taken. Could you reply back with my questions and answer if I should be contacting the bank about e transaction or should be concerned in any way

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EHIC Direct resolved this complaint

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Dear Claire, I am sorry to hear of your experience with the company in question, however I must bring to your attention that you have inadvertently targeted the wrong company in this case. The amount you were charged as stated in your comment is not the amount that we charge for our services. We charge a one off fee of £24.50 per application, which can contain up to 10 members of the family all on the one application.


Our URL for your reference is, and would advise you to look into your browser history to see which website you visited when completing the application. Perhaps you were sent a confirmation email which will contain the company's details. Kind Regards Ehic Direct.

Claire Tabor | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Claire Tabor | | VERIFIED

The company paid back the fee
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