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Aneta's complaint against EHIC Direct

Aneta kolodziejska


[LAPSED] Paid for a card which is for free. On the ethic website not clearly stated that it is a private comp

Complaint against EHIC Direct

On 9/5/15 I appled for the European insurance card for my daughter who is under 16. She was going abroad and I needed the card asap. Applied online through EHIC website, they charged me £24.50 for their services. Card never arrived. I contacted them again today and was give a number to call( that is 0300 330 135) they explained to me that my daughter had already card which expires in August 2016. The application which I made though EHIC was not necessary, but they accepted as new. Now they are explaining to me that the fee is not for delivery of my card but for services like reminding me that my card expires. I do not need. They offer manual check and send service( what is that) they should at least manually check that my daughter has got a card already. The website itself is not clear,very misleading, it looks like NHS direct and has the European insurgence card on the fron page. I asked for a cancelation and refund of £24.50.

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Lapsed. Aneta has not responded in 90 days

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Dear Aneta, Thank you for your comments. We have looked into your application and can see it was indeed for a renewal of an existing card which in fact would be impossible for us to process through the normal procedure. We then attempted to request for a replacement card via the application form the NHS provide. We were under the impression that a replacement card had been issued to you after this had been completed, however you have only just informed us that this card had never arrived.


We have therefore refunded you our service fee of £24.50, despite providing you our service in full. We have no way of knowing if the NHS have or have not sent a card out, as we simply offer a manual checking and submission process and do not have access to the NHS system. Our service is provided as the NHS only facilitate an automated online system that will not check for errors or omissions. Kind Regards EHIC Direct.
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