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glorija's complaint against Unique Beauty 4 U

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Complaint against Unique Beauty 4 U

I went in to get eyelash extentions as the price was pretty good and didnt think anything of it. First of all they are using flares instead of individual eyelash extentions and the flares look very cheap! The lady applied the lashes very uneven and they dont look natural at all! plus she applied wayyy too much glue on top of the eye and under the lashes!! ITS HORRIBLE ! when she told me to open my eyes, everything was blurry and i could feel my eyes sting from the glue..i was very disappointed and tried to take them off by using some oil but i couldnt! she applied glue under the eyes which is making it uncomfortable to blink and the eyelash is poking into the eye! Do not get eyelash extentions there as youre wasting your money!

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