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Jia's complaint against NARS Cosmetics

Jia Khan


Initialy agreed to give sample and then changed mind

Complaint against NARS Cosmetics

I went to the nars counter in house of frasier and she told me she cannot give me a sample and that i should try space nk. So i went to space nk and she initially agreed to give me a sample of nars sheer glow foundation in stromboli and Fiji but then after some discussion with her colleague decided not to. She said it was because there was no product in the tester but I was still allowed to put the tester on my hand so there was product. I explained that I did not need a lot but she would not oblige. This is so stupid because the colours are so different and you really have to try it on your face at home to get the best idea. I'm so upset by the service and treatment. I really want to buy this product but this is really ridiculous!

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