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Lara's complaint against BMI Healthcare

Lara Simonetti


Billed for procedure without any warning

Complaint against BMI Healthcare

Went in to see an "ENT Specialist" as a first appointment. After explaining my symptoms immediately told to sit in another chair for him to "have a look". Had to have CT scan. Went back for follow up. No solutions given except surgery. Should note at this point that both GP and a separate professional I saw later both said I should have been given a steriod spray first. First I'd heard a procedure had been done was when it appeared on the consultant's invoice. I phone to ask what it was. Ended up complaining that I had not been warned him "having a look" would be a further £80 from him and £120 from BMI. He removed his charge but explained I should have been advised by hospital (a tacit admission he did no such thing). BMI did not remove their charge, claiming my form I signed statimg no specific prices or definition of procedures was enough to create a liability. After much correspondence where I explained that agreeing to agree was not legal in English contract law. They repeat this claim repeatedly and fail to answer any other points. As a self pay patient, who only went to them due to desperation as NHS is overcrowded, I should also have consumer protection which includes fair pricing for work done. Among ignored points were repeated requests for an account of how £120 was needed for a lamp and spray (only possible hospital resources involved in the procedure). They also say the consultant told them he had advised me (how when he didn't state that qhen directly challenged in the first conplaint to him and when he has no access to hospital price list, which they admit is not published or available) and also that it is a necessafy procedure (consultant in his reply to my first complaint to him asserts this is not true). After wasting my time they now want me to complain to central HQ and not hospital. Should also note hospital complaints procedure says exec director would respond to me but responses are from her EA which refuses to copy her in.

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