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Sandra 's complaint against BMI Healthcare

Sandra Douglas


small routine operation 31/07/2006 1 night hospital stay. Used insurance.BMI taking my house now

Complaint against BMI Healthcare

31/06/2006 I had a small routine operation. Including a ONE night hospital stay. Useing Rubicon insurance. A benefit through my employer. Which was taxed annually 2K. I also paid NHS contributions. For over 40 years plus!. I guess you could say. This small operation was paid 3 times over! I now wished I had this small operation on NHS! However my GP suggested using my private health care policy. I had not used it for myself. Since it started in 1993. I followed the company procedure. Authorised to go ahead. After the operation. I heard nothing for the Consultant or the hospital. Over a year later. The surgeon came to my house! To inform me that he had not been paid! I was shocked by this! I called HR.Dept. Who in turn called Rubicon! Apparentley the bill was paid within 24 hrs! BMI state the room had not been paid! I find that very strange. No way would the surgeon be paid but not the room! As where would I be going post operation? If not to a room? The Runnymede hospital told me that they always had problems with the poor or lack of administration from Rubicon. I also discovered that its a package system! There is one bill. Dispersed to the various departments. That its not possible for the surgeon, Anathesitis, etc to be paid but not the room! To this day.I have no idea of the cost. For a one night hospital stay! However without my knowledge! BMI sued me for one night hospital stay! Put me into bankrupcy. BMI want 25K plus daily interest still accruing at the obscene rate of 8%! The interest alone is more than 50% of my monthly salary! At no time did BMI contact me. To advise of any problen with the account! Eventhough they had my contact details! The Insurance company also did not contact me! It would have been very easy to settle this problem straight away! The insurance company had all my employment details. I could have also been contacte through work. To advise me of any problem with the bill! Widowed with 2 kids. Im past retirement age but still have to work in oder to pay bills and kids. BMI went through the court. Now have a charge on my house It must be the most expensive night in a hospital ever! Unless I find 25K plus interest accruing daily. * BMI will be taking my house by OCTOBER 11th.* Leaving the kids and I homeless. I have no family here in the UK to assist or offer support. I cannot afford the extorniate legal fees and a solicitor. I have sent over 70 pages in letters. To the BMI soliciter. advising the situation I am in. However they are not interested. The only interest is. When they will have their 25K plus. A huge company that is supposed to be in Health care business! thinks nothing of destroying peoples lives! This issue has caused a family break down and affected my health. Not to mention the psychological impact on my twins. Throughou this time. I have had severla bereavments. 2 operations! Family breakdown etc etc... I would never reccommend BMI health care to anyone! My biggest regret is that. I did not have the small routine operation on the NHS! All my freinds will boycott BMI. For their disgraceful attitude to a patient! The worst part is! BMI must have made at least 150K ! Through my late husbands 20+hospital stays with over 15 operations. ALL through BMI!!!! My husband was such a regular in that hospital. He knew all the staff. Even their shifts! In fact he came out of that same hospital on the 30th! I went in on the 31st! The staff joked saying they should name the ward after us! BMI definatley made plenty of money out of our misery! How much could one nights hospital stay actually cost? Is there anyone else out there? Paying 25K + 8%interest for one night in a hospital room?

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