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Teresa 's complaint against DW Sports Fitness

Teresa Clarke


failure to cancel membership

Complaint against DW Sports Fitness

I had an off peak membership at the Southport branch of this gym at a cost of £33 per month. About three months ago I had to cancel this membership due to health issues. I rang the gym who advised that I would have to go in and sign a cancellation form which I did the next day and thought no more about this, I understood that I would need to pay another month in lieu of notice. On 23/03/18 I received an email from CARSUK demanding that I pay £100 for overdue fees. I rang the gym in Southport, the man I spoke to was very unhelpful and denied having any record of the cancellation or indeed having any form. No-one from DW sport had attempted to contact me in the intervening period to advise of a problem, the first I knew of this was when the demand from CARSUK arrived. In response to my request for assistance he stated that I would need to contact the head office and provided an address and phone number for them. I wrote a long letter explaining the situation and querying the missed payments and emailed copies to both DW Sport headquarters and also the recovery expert at CARSUK on 24/03/18 but did not receive any acknowledgment or response from either company. Today I received a letter from CARSUK dated 26/03/18 demanding payment of £100 pounds or further action would be taken. I rang CARS UK who said they checked the system at DW Sports and there was not record of any letter having been received. They advised me to make contact by phone with the company to resolve this and that the claim would be put on hold for a couple of weeks. Today I attempted to contact DW sports on two numbers and left messages asking that they ring me to discuss this but so far I have had no response, no surprise there given their performance to date. In order to ensure that DW sport cannot continue to rack up charges/more membership fees I have visited the gym today and again cancelled this membership, however, this time I obtained a signed and dated copy of the cancellation form which I have emailed and will also post to both DW sport head office and CARSUK. The person I spoke to today has advised that I will now need to pay a FURTHER MONTH'S membership fee in lieu of cancellation, to say I am unhappy is an understatement. I am sure this will not be the end of the saga and DW sport will not have the professionalism or integrity to admit that their company or employee have made a mistake so I will keep posting here what happens in the future. The attitude and actions of DW sport have left me feeling distressed and angry and I view their behaviour as bullying ad harassment.

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