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Shajhait's complaint against DW Sports Fitness

Shajhait Khan


Staff member making me uncomfortable to shop

Complaint against DW Sports Fitness

I am from bradford and I shop in ur store about 5 times and everytime i shop in this store so certain staff member always seems to follow me plus when I put my bag down on the floor he looks at my bag as though I am some kind of thief..Now I have worked in retail plus been working in the security firm industry and not once have I made any customer feel uncomfortable in the areas I work..A business is about making money not losing money or customers..I feel a alien when I shop here by this staff member..Not everyone is a thief and not everyone is going to steal..I feel let down by this staff member and I wish he gets special training for his suspicious thoughts on customers..MY nephews and cousins shop in this store and I really think it's a disgrace a shop assistant can behave in this manner..I hope I get a response and I hope it's not ignored..I did speak to a manager called but I don't think I got a decent response

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