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Kathleen's complaint against DW Sports Fitness

Kathleen rostron


Unfair treatment

Complaint against DW Sports Fitness

I was a member up until the end of September 2016' I was working at turning point at the time and I paid for my son to join who is a student, he does not work, I paid for his membership. At the end of August I got suspended from my job without pay as I was on zero hour contract then I got sacked, I was then unable to pay for mine and my sons member ship. I wrote to dwsports in Bolton to explain my situation and I had some advice from solicitors who explained that from October last year people were allowed to cancel membership contracts in exceptional surcumstances such as being laid off from a job. I explained this to dw sports Bolton and they said to my son (Ben Carradus)after he phoned them as well that if I sent proof that I had been sacked they would cancel the membership, I wrote and gave them my works phone number to speak to them to prove I had been sacked. I didn't hear anything then until two weeks later and I got a demand for payment and today my son has a letter from a debt collection agency. My son can not pay he has no job and I have no job so it will not be paid. If it does go to court then the law will be on my side when they realise I was sacked and unable to pay. So please cancel this debt.

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