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Mrs Bayley


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Complaint against Souza Healthcare

I had a woman called Corina phone me telling me I am overweight and don't do enough exercise, I have always been big build and with what i have gone through don't need anyone who has never met me telling me i am to fat,I have lost a lot of weight to what i used to be, I am carer to my sister who has had 2 strokes,besides me being a epileptic,having high blood pressure ( which I am on medication for) and gone through ovarian cancer,plus arthritis in both knees I don't think I'm doing to bad for a 60 year old. But for someone who has never seen or met me to tell me that I'm over weight without really knowing my problems I think is out of order. Then she told me she wanted me to take some capsules which she would send to me and asked for my card details that is when I got annoyed as I don't have a bank account or credit card so got asked how do i pay for my shopping if I don't have a card,I thought that was below the belt I don't have a Visa card or shop online like she thought i did. So please get your callers not to be so rude to people they don't know then try and get money from them. Thank you hope i never get a call from this company ever again.

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