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larissa's complaint against VGMedispa

larissa bakhina


Waisting money!

Complaint against VGMedispa

I did not expect the result that I received. Paid 300k for a radiotherapy procedure performed by resonant waves, allegedly contributing to collagen replenishment, and promising a result for 18 months, which could have been made by me with a simple massage for a certain time. I suspect that its cost, including work for 30 minutes does not exceed 30 pounds, while I paid 10 times more for just a massage. The employee assured me that this procedure is a progressive method of facelifting and many clients are happy with the result. Not finding a noticeable improvement, after 2 months I returned to the clinic expecting that they would at least repeat the procedure. After inspection, I was offered to pay much more to see a noticeable result. Outrageous! Apparently, the clinic is not familiar with the principles of professional ethics, but it certainly knows how to mislead the client. A certain deception. In addition, I will try to write about this clinic in general customer reviews, so that others would be more careful and not to be as trusting as I am!

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