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"I'm paying for a gym I can't even use" - Xercise for Less cancelation woes 

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
Oct 19, 2017

A woman who tried to cancel her Xercise for Less membership is now paying for a gym she can't even use. 

Clara Wisenfeld Paine, 20, joined Xercise For Less in Hull two years ago and was happy with the service - that was until she tried to cancel her membership.


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Clara has been trying to cancel her membership for five months without any luck.

In the meantime, the gym is continuing to charge her – and now it won't even let her use the facility. 

"They keep saying they will fix it and they don't," she told A Spokesman Said. 


Not able to cancel 

Clara, a third-year student at Hull University, was moving and decided to cancel her membership because she would not be going as often.

That was when her problems began. 

Clara was told she needed a "w-numberto cancel her membership. 

However, Clara says she never received one and was told they could not cancel her membership without it. 

So, for the past five months she has been charged. 

"Money was still coming out of my account, it is not very much - £9.99 a month – but it adds up. 

"I'm stuck in a bit of a rut." 

Clara said she called the gym and was given a new "w number".  

However, after submitting the online form with the new number, she was told that she was not on the gym's system and thus they could not cancel the membership 

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Can't use the gym 

After she continued to be charged Clara thought she might as well go back to the gym. 

But when she arrived she was told she now needed to have a finger print set up in order to enter.

"I only had a code, and they said 'we can't let you in'. 

"I'm paying for a gym I can't even use!" 

Clara said she could not set up a finger print because she was not in the gym's system. 


Xercise for less responds

We asked Xercise for Less in Hull what the issue was. 

Hull manager Jason Diprose said it was very rare that a "w-number" did not work. 

"It would be an exception of one in several thousand. 

"I have never heard of it happening before." 

Most people who did not receive a "w-number" often had it sent to a junk folder on their email. However, Clara says she checked and this was not the case for her. 

He said he would help her out.

"I will take care of it for her."

We hope so Jason, we'd love for a positive resolution to this issue.

We’ll be following up to see if Jason has been as good as his word.