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Rainbow Remembers - The memorial website remembering forever all the victims of coronavirus

Steve Hodge

Steve Hodge
May 6, 2020

A Spokesman Said is proud to support Rainbow Remembers, the permanent online memorial to those we have lost from coronavirus.

A new memorial website called Rainbow Remembers has been launched to honour all those who have lost their lives to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Anyone can use Rainbow Remembers, backed by Linda Lusardi and the family of comedian Eddie Large, to record the name of a loved one who has died from coronavirus.

Relatives and friends of the deceased can also post a photograph and add some details about their life.

If you would like to pay tribute to a loved one you have lost from coronavirus, go to

The hope is that the website will become a permanent living memorial for all of those whose lives were cut short in the UK by the deadly COVID-19 virus.

The sheer volume of deaths from the pandemic during the national lockdown, which currently stands at over 30,000, means people are not getting the send-off they deserve.

Funerals are taking place quickly with mourners being asked to remain at least two metres from each other – and the number of attendees is extremely limited.

Other channels for expressing grief and coming together to honour the life of a loved one are not available.

In response to this situation website designer and researcher Charlie Springall came up with idea for Rainbow Remembers, a free online memorial to commemorate every single person who has died.

Linda Lusardi, the model turned actress, who nearly died from coronavirus herself, was so moved by the idea she agreed to become an ambassador and help with the launch and to encourage everyone to use it.

It is also backed by comedian Eddie Large’s son Ryan McGinnis who experienced what it was like to lose someone during the lockdown. Eddie, best known as one half of the comedy act Little and Large, died on April 2 after contracting COVID-19 while in hospital for heart problems.

Linda Lusardi said: “People are not getting the send-off they deserve at the moment because of the disruptions to normal life we are all going through.

“This Rainbows Remembers website is a wonderful way to ensure that people who have died from coronavirus are not just another statistic.

“We are all affected by coronavirus. My husband Sam and I both nearly died from it. I have met many people who have lost a relative or a friend.

“But at the moment it is very difficult to pay your respects. People are not able to get to funerals and those how have passed away are being laid to rest very quickly.

“Hopefully, Rainbow Remembers can be a place where people can post a loving tribute to the people they have lost.

“I will never forget the day that I was taken away in an ambulance when I took a turn for the worse with coronavirus. My son Jack watched me being taken away by paramedics in full suits and masks and I thought he would never see me again.

“There is so much tragedy being played out at the moment.  The least we can do is ensure that everyone is remembered properly.”

Former Emmerdale actress Linda, who returned home last month after ten days in hospital, added: “I am still recovering from coronavirus. I lost so much weight and muscle, but I can’t exercise yet because it would put too much strain on my lungs. I would not wish anyone to catch it. Please stay in and stay safe.”

Ryan said: “Sadly, as a family, we know exactly what it is like to lose a loved one during this pandemic. We lost an incredible Dad, husband, granddad, brother and uncle and we miss him every day.

“We were not able to be with Dad during the final week of his life and that thought will always be heart breaking.

“We wanted to celebrate Dad's life and wanted to have a huge funeral but with the current restrictions we couldn't. Everyone deserves to have their life celebrated and honoured and we did the best we could.

“We are desperate for Dad to remembered and we will be no different to everyone else going through the same grieving process.

“The wonderful tributes and stories we’ve been receiving, from so many different people, has truly helped us through these awful times. This is why we want to back the wonderful idea of Rainbow Remembers. This site will give everybody who has sadly lost loved ones the chance for them to be celebrated, remembered and a place for tributes to be made.”

To pay tribute to a loved one you have lost from coronavirus, go to, and help remember forever ALL the victims whose lives were tragically cut short by Covid-19.




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