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Mike's complaint against The Co-operative Bank

Mike Dinham


Redundancy Protection

Complaint against The Co-operative Bank

In January 2010, i was made redundant after 24 years. For the first 5-6 months my mortgage was paid from my redundancy money. After this time only the interest was being paid to the Co-Operative Bank. I enquired several times within the next 6 months, both by phone and actually going into my local branch, which is no longer there, and asking if i had any redundancy cover on my mortgage. Everytime i was told that there was no cover at all. I even have a letter somewhere stating that i have never had mortgage cover on my home. Around 2012, i received a letter from the bank, telling me that i was being taken to court over the arrears on my home. I explained to the bank, that i just could not find any work. They were not interested in the slightest. This put untold pressure on my whole family, thinking that we were about to be evicted. My wife broke down crying every night, thinking about where we would take our 2 children. So, the court date arrived. I arrived not knowing if my family would have a roof over their heads when everything was finished that day. The Judge was brilliant and listened to my case and he said that the bank should have been more understanding and should have helped more. Even the Co-op`s own Solicitor said that they should have helped me more. I have now been paying £70.00 a month more than my mortgage since the court case as agreed with the bank. Along with court fees and bank charges, which i think total around 5k was added to my mortgage. Then out of the blue, at the beginning of 2015, i received a letter, from the Co-op, asking me if i would like to adjust my mortgage protection as i was under insured by £5 or £6 pounds for my mortgage protection? So, i did have mortgage protection after all! Well i was fuming as you can imagine. But where do i go? They have beaten me once and i a not a person to give up but i am asking for your help in this matter, as you are my last hope. I give you permission to contact anyone on my behalf and proceed how you feel is right.

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