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Roberta 's complaint against ReAssure

Roberta Boschi


Claiming my 25% tax free allowance

Complaint against ReAssure

Good Morning, I have a work pension with ReAssure. The pension was originally with HSBC but the company bought it about 4 years back. As I have turned 57 and moved abroad to teach English I wanted to cash in my 25% tax free allowance in February this year to help me with my expenses. I contacted the company to ask about how to do it and they told me that I had to check my statement that I had not received as I had moved. The company took 6 weeks to send me my statement as first I HAD to change my address. Once received the statement I asked for the calculation and instruction of my allowance. This was now May. I complained a first time and ReAssure admitted to have acted in an extremely and unacceptable way and gave me 125 pounds in compensation. Long story short. I hav NOT received my 25% yet Now October and the company is telling me now after I filed that they DO NOT give that option to those people who are not resident in UK. Inspite the fact that I have a property that I rent and pay taxes in UK and I have not one but 2 bank accounts in the UK. I have filed the complaint with the Company again, with the Pension Ombudsman and the Finance Ombudsman.

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