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terence's complaint against ReAssure

terence howarth



Complaint against ReAssure

i have been retired for five years and my two policy payments as been correct with proper tax allowance, this year however with my state going up because my wife passed away one of my pension policy number 2045996 has a BR tax code which use to be 12T, i other policy number 2045997 which use to be 50T is now 36T but reassure has put both policy's on BR not giving me any allowances,i have phoned hmrc up four times and they said they have sent the code and sent me a copy showing my codes for 2016/2017 ,i have even sint a copy of my codes record delivery to show my tax codes,i know that reassure as received them because its been signed for, the costumer service keep saying they will phone me back but never do,don't seem to be getting any where only costing me a fortune keep phoning hmrc i hope you can sort it thanks

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terence howarth | | VERIFIED

they sent me a letter today showing my tax codes the wrong way round ,i phone the HMRC they said they have sent the codes right ,i phoned reAssure they would not listen and threatened to cut me off, what a nice (not) costumer service.

Roberta Boschi | | VERIFIED

Horrible and incompetent customer service. Report them to the Ombudsman immediately
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