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Amy's complaint against Credit Desk

Amy sherratt


The company took 19.50 out of my bank and i haven't had a loan.

Complaint against Credit Desk

I recently applied for a loan in January but never eneded up getting one, since then the company has took 19.50 out of my account as soon as my money went into my bank account on the 19th

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Sylvia | | VERIFIED

Hi On 17th December 2015, Credit-Desk has also debited my account by 19.50. I researched the company and call their number 0345 565 0941. A rude guy told me that unless I gave my consent, they wouldn't set up a direct debit on my account. He sent me an email with the "Head Office" details. I sent an email and received my refund on 19th Dec. Again, yesterday 29th March another company Budget-wise did the exact same thing as I used uSwitch to find utility companies online. I called, got the exact

Sylvia | | VERIFIED

same email, and realised these two companies were exactly the same. they just replied to me and offered a refund yet again. I have written to BBC watchdog. Please guys, please do the same. We are lucky, we do notice. Sometimes when I have too many payments coming out of my account I struggle to keep track. Please write to BBC Watchdog so these companies would stop their scam.
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