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A's complaint against Options500

A Tsang


Option500 registered me without my consent ... now i keep getting calls from them

Complaint against Options500

This is a total scam and people should never give any money. If you want a properly managed trading account seek your local banks advice. In my case, i never sourced them, but they seem to have registered me and i now get daily calls which i keep telling them to take me off their list but they just keep igorning me and each day i get a call trying to convince me to invest with them! Is there a way we can report these people as they shouldnt have my details and i am fed up of telling them to stop calling now! They even called me on Christmas Day!!!

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Jennifer Monroe | | VERIFIED

Get help from a legit source, If you've ever been scammed by an online broker or a company waste no time contact daviesmicheal6 at gmail com
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