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Jean's complaint against Annual Travel Insurance

Jean Chalmers


I was due to fly out to Krakow on 5th Nov 2015.I was admitted to hospital and had to cancel I still

Complaint against Annual Travel Insurance

I made an insurance claim in Nov 2015 with all relevant documentation they asked for and up to today's date I have not been paid out for this, although they did acknowledge receipt of my claim in Nov 2915 I had to cancel holiday due to hospital admission .

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Jean Chalmers | | VERIFIED

Company replied to say they haven't got round to looking at my claim due to high level of claims i wouldn't touch this company with a bargepole

Jean Chalmers | | VERIFIED

I was due to fly out to Krakow on 5th nov but due to Hosp admission I had to cancel I made an insurance claim on 15th Nov and sent all documents which they requested and up till now my claim has not even been looked at although they did acknowledge they received it I just want my money back I have never made a complaint with holiday insurance before so I will never use this company again
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