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Lana's complaint against One Call Insurance

Lana Waters


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Complaint against One Call Insurance

Disgraceful behaviour from OneCall really. Very dishonest and disappointing. End July 2018 my husband took out insurance @£160 annual fee for his 07 Vauxhall Astra. At the same time we set up his online OneCall account using which he downloaded his pdf electronic documents. End March 2018 (four months before insurance expires) his old car packs up and (after saving for a long time) we went to buy 2014 Volvo S60. OneCall charged him £130 for remaining 4 months and £39 admin fee to simply swap the car!!! Do the maths here. Original insurance £160/12 months = £13 per month. On top of it £130/4 (remaining month) = £32.5/month, thus assuming the insurance for the new car (on an annual basis) to be £55/month, £660 per annum! I found similar insurance you can take it right now at £250 per annum. Simple maths reveals OneCall grossly overcharged us on insurance, and added £39 on top of it. It would have been cheaper to for us to cancel insurance with OneCall and take a new one out. As BBC watchdog would say, One Calls rivals charge between £15 -25 to change car details by the phone. OneCall charge £39 (knowing you are at the point of buying a car and you naively believe OneCall will make you an honest insurance upgrade especially after then FAIL to retain your online details). Not only not we got an apology for messing up our online account (where we could have free-of-charge or much smaller admin fee), but we were disgracefully overcharged for the remaining 4 months of insurance and £39 admin fee on top of it. People who rate OneCall as number 1 insurance provider probably been paid to say so or never deals with OneCall and make a terrible assumption. I do, however, see a lot of people purposely creating one-time accounts to say how great OneCall is... why would that be?

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