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Emma's complaint against One Call Insurance

Emma Brauer


One Call Car Insurance didn’t send help when I broke down

Complaint against One Call Insurance

I rang One Call 7th June regarding breaking down and told them it was engine trouble They refused to help as my car had been in a garage for repairs within then previous 24 hours I got the problem sorted at garage and car was fine I then broke down again this afternoon and rang One Call. The man who handled my call was so cold amd unsympathetic, absolutely no people skills, no concern about my car on the bend of a fast road in Epsom. He asked me to describe the problem noise the engine was making and then diagnosed over the phone! He said it was the same description I’d given a week previously. Obviously I’m no mechanic and do not know how to describe a mechanical problem to a phone operator. He said it was exactly the same engine problem as the previous week and therefore I would not be helped as it was my garage’s responsibility. Yes, he listened to my verbal imitation of the noise the engine made and diagnosed it on that basis! I was in a distressed state on a dark bend on an increasingly dangerous road as rush hour loomed. I was left shaken and scared and will never use this company again. Not only that but I will name them as a no good company whenever the subject of recommendation of car insurance arises.

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