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Amar 's complaint against Right Choice Insurance Brokers

Amar Akhtar



Complaint against Right Choice Insurance Brokers

Hold time on phone: expect to wait 40 min before call answered or someone will answer after 20 min and then put you back in que Hidden charges: they find an insurance company for you (supposedly) and then apparently finance (use a loan) to pay for the insurance which apparently means you’ll be paying more than What you agreed. Beware: they twist it so that you don’t understand what you’re doing. Service: been told that I’d get a call back so many times but never got a call back. Data protection: I was refunded 100 pound due to Right Choice insurance disclosing personal information to someone else who they “thought” was me and none of the data protection questions were followed appropriately. What they do: they quote you a price and then at end of policy you’ll end up paying more than what they quoted. I’ve took it to financial ombudsmen services and if I were you; Recommendation: stay well clear of them. Trust me, it’s the worst company I’ve ever dealt with

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