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Nish's complaint against Right Choice Insurance Brokers

Nish Ant


Terrible terrible company. avoid at all costs

Complaint against Right Choice Insurance Brokers

They upped my quote by £500 on phone despite all details being the same as online. Then a chap called Michael made a mistake on his end which I ended up having to pay for. Despite a GDPR request for the tape of the call showing his mistake, they have not complied and it's been 52 weeks now. This year they have taken £1,312 from my account despite my wanting to not renew the policy. I've read their response that they don't actually take money but thats rubbish- that money has left my account according to the bank. I've made 4 calls now, each being at least 40 minutes long. Been shunted between departments then placed on hold then the call was cut by them. Every time. They haven't refunded my money, and I don't know if my car is even insured! I've actually taped the last call given their uselessness and I'm glad I have as I'll be passing it to my solicitor.

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