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J's complaint against Right Choice Insurance Brokers



Unfair cancellation fees

Complaint against Right Choice Insurance Brokers

I have just been charged 45.15% of my annual insurance fee with Right Choice to cancel my car insurance policy only 3 weeks after taking the policy out. I decided to cancel because of confusing tactics used, which meant I did not get the full information of what they wanted me to do, sent out to me clearly. It was hidden in 10 different long PDF files. When I was expecting 1 clear and precise email explaining what was needed from me. When I rang to ask where the email was, it still was not explained to me I had had it and where to find it. She explained on the phone but did not give me the correct information. No body contacted me to let me know I had not sent in all the documents required until my 14 day cancellation period was over. When I received the text and email on the same day I called immediately only to be told they want more documents than what I was told. They want copy of driving license, copy of no claims bonus (which can be the norm anyway) and also copy of your V5/log book. But this info is hidden amongst 10 different confusing PDF’s. This company wants you to send in these documents before you have even made a claim. For someone like me who has been driving for 20 years and never experienced anything like that before it is very confusing. I started to get concerned about the way this company was behaving so I decided to look online and see what kind of company I was really dealing with. The reviews I found were very scary. People being charged a lot of money just to make amendments to their address or make of car. And other issues too. Costing them more than the policy was worth. I decided to cut my losses and cancel becasue I to have to change my address in the near future and my car due to an increase in family size. Adding up what some people were charged would have cost more that my annual fee too. Still I have been charged nearly half of the annual fee just to cancel. I can’t believe that that is fair. But I would rather that then pay even more just to make amendments. And the main thing is how do I know this company will even pay out if I have an accident. I am not condfident at all.

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